What our customers say...

"I have three children with the youngest just starting nursery school. His name is Noah and I had a Football duffle bag with his name on in Red. It is lovely and a very handy. The staff at the nursery say it really helps them to locate his stuff quickly when they need a change of clothes etc. Noah has even spilt my coffee over it. I got really worried that the coffee would not come out, but I washed at 30 degrees and it all came out. Brilliant. I’m off to order some more for my other children now."
Tracy from Seaford

"We ordered a lovely bag for a christening present for our cousin.We ordered two Loveheart sacks, one with" Nappies" on and the other with her name Rebecca added to the bottom. The parents thought it was lovely, useful and different to all the other presents. We have just placed an order for our daughter to have her own sports bag. She plays tennis and we can have it ready by the door to just shoot out with."
Sarah from Crawley

"I just love the great big Christmas sacks Cotton Kids have designed for Christmas. The traditional father Christmas is lovely and jolly. My daughter has chosen the colours she wants on the Reindeer sacks - pink of course. I love the way the children can help choose the colours and get involved. Great many thanks."
Deborah from Lewes

"Well with every where you go it’s ‘SAVE THE PLANET’ and the Eco-bag I bought from Cotton Kids gets the message across really well. I’ve bought them all for my friends this Christmas. Thank you."
Val from Eastbourne